About me

Liselotte is an artist by trade, she loves travelling which helps her gain inspiration for her next projects. Born in the Netherlands but with a love for the mountains, she moved to Scotland to pursue her passion for art and outdoor pursuits.  With a BSc in Fine art and a MSc in Forensic Art and Facial Identification, she is always working on something different and new. Whether it is a photography session in the Scottish Highlands, painting a photorealistic portrait or be it an anatomy drawing you will always find her with a smile on her face.

Having learnt a wide array of skills over her multiple interests, she is always looking for the next thing to push and create enabling her to enhance this skillset. Working with people is where she thrives, be it in a team project or organising a photo shoot her aim is to adapt to any situation and always come out with the best work she can.


"What you see, is what

you get"



Liselotte Hartkamp

+316 50647833



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